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The Republican party has a unconstitutional disease called RELIGION...Public Act 202 of 2017

Proof that the union controlled council is enriching its members.

When will people realize that the teachers union, police union, and public union control the School Boards and the City Councils in Dickinson County.

What I found, being involved in both the County Democratic and Republican parties, is that the union Snake Oil peddlers work both parties.

The Democratic party has always been for unions at the expense of non union working poor people. The local Republican party is heavily influenced by the anti-abortion radicals and future and present public pension recipients who know that Roe v. Wade of 1973 will never be over turned. They use the abortion issue as cover to get the public attention off the the real issue of bilking the public out money to fund their underfunded and overly gracious pensions.

The founding fathers went out of their way to make a division between church and state. The Republican party has a unconstitutional disease called 'RELIGION.' I went to a couple local Churches I heard the priest say from the pulpit, "The Church needs to be involved in government" or the sheep verses goat story. When I looked at the congregation, I saw a lot of good people being manipulated. The most profound thing that I saw was future and present public pensioners. They are loyal to their church and pocket book which the church gets a cut of.

I have asked myself many times, "Brian are you saying that Law Enforcement, Teachers, Public Workers and the Clergy are the reason for bankrupted local governments and crumbling infrastructure in Michigan?" My answer is, "Yes!"

The check in labor was the Republican Party. The local Republican party is controlled by the public unions. In the name of God and legal nonsense of the abortion debate.

I personally believe in the GOD that created the Heaven and Earth. I believe in Jesus. I was saved at a young age.

Thank You, Brian K Smeester ©

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