The man who bankrupted Michigan.



The man who bankrupted Michigan. Historians will always look for a moment or person in time that did or did not do some thing that started a chain of events that led to an horrific outcome and bankrupting a state would undoubtedly be an horrific event. That person is-Michigan Senator Rick Jones who opposed reforms to save the state from runaway pension under funding. From the Iron Mountain Daily News Dec 7, 2017. Note:( the original bills gave real teeth to reform the pension system in Michigan) Before the bills were redrafted, Republican Sen. Rick Jones of Grand Ledge, a former county sheriff, had warned against the possibility of cities being told what to do with their police and fire labor contracts. "That is absolutely not acceptable and I will never support it," he said. The pseudo republican, narcissist, legal sociopath, ex sheriff was thinking about his and his friends pensions. The number one threat to our great state is pensions. This pension getting hypocrite and the bible thumping modern pharisees like him will be the downfall of society. In Dickinson County we have the same type of stealth pseudo republican, narcissist, legal sociopaths that have infiltrated the supposed republican party. They have peddled their snake oil lies to the churches in the guise of being upstanding people like law enforcement, teachers, pro-life and just good guys. Like Senator Rick Jones who thinks putting a plastic Jesus outside makes him a great guy. I say always always always it is about funding the pensions! These people are delusional or just narcissistic about their importance and justify the bankrupting of Michigan (and it will bankrupt) in their minds that we live to serve them. They go to Church and the Churches love that tithing. I would never would have thought that teachers, law enforcement, public workers, and the Churches would be the fall of society as we know it. Or maybe as society evolves in America law enforcement, public workers, teachers and the clergy will become the new American Royalty and we have to pay them like serfs paid taxes to the lords in the medieval times. The Lords now like Michigan Senator former sheriff Rick Jones are the government and we rent our land from the government to pay for their pensions. Hail, teachers! Hail, law enforcement! Hail, Priest! Hail, public employees! I live to serve you! Yes, I want to pay higher taxes and work 10 years longer than you on average. Because you are the new American Royalty!!! CVC of Dickinson County

Brian Smeester

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