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Jason Asselin

This is my first blog entry about Jason Asselin. I figured it only fair, since Jason has blogged multiple times about me over the last couple of years. I should say he has stalked me, since he is constantly on Facebook saying I am stalking him.

I find it disturbing that while working a full time job, I try when I can to help my community and then have my credibility attacked by a unemployed shirk running around all day in his old Toyota mini van, blogging and posting videos or reposting news that will be in the paper or TV news anyway. He makes fun of homeless people, some of who may be mentally ill. One even called the cops on Jason. He edits any dissent on his Facebook page. The hypocrisy that is Jason Asselin would be laughable if not for the following he has. It's truly frightening.

So how can a person who works full time and pays taxes fight an unemployed shirk that posts all day long to a targeted Facebook demographic? Well,

I enjoyed poking bee nests when I was kid. I got stung a few times and went at back at it until I did not get stung any more. They never chased me away. So to the Union Pension Mafia that sicced that unemployed shirk on me. I'm in it for the long-haul. Asselin, if you read this, you are being manipulated.© 2017 all rights reserved

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