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Here we go again

Nov 7 2017 Sinking school millage vote


They want more money

 Again, the pension mafia is up to its’ tricks. That’s right people! On NOV 7, the school millage sinking fund (I call it "sink your wallet" fund) is on the ballot. This money is really about funding pensions that are underfunded to the tune of about $3.000.00 per every man woman and child in Michigan. Remember, Michigan can not print money. The actual financial burden is figured a different way but I use this analogy so the layman can see how big the financial burden is that the Michigan pension mafia has indebted us and our children to. The only reason for that is greed. They want to receive money for doing nothing, that is called a pension. Most pensioners "double dip" and work another job after retirement while collecting tax payer funded pensions. When they do retire, they receive your tax dollar backed pension and Social Security.

Kingsford Schools receives millions of dollars from students from other schools attending Kingsford Schools under school choice program. Any business person would see that school assets are being utilized at near full capacity which translates to lower overhead cost and high revenue into the schools accounts.

The pension mafia controls School boards, City Councils, Judges, Prosecutors, County

Commissioners, Lawyers and the minds of a huge percent of the population.

The pension system for teachers, cops, any public sector employee has made them now the great American royalty. The serfs (us)being the people have to serve them by paying their pensions. The Sheriff of Nottingham is saying pay your tax to the Crown! I see no difference between the public pension system and the Crown because they are each the government.

Then, I think about home schooled children taught by at home moms. They are as academically advanced as children taught by supposed great teachers that we have to pay pensions to.

Years ago, I read a book about the fall of ancient Rome. People only cared about the games at the Coliseum, not the roads in provinces. I live near Flivver Field. I hear the games and I wonder sometimes about Rome as I look at the poor conditions of many sidewalks, streets, and alleys. I fear the institutions of education and law enforcement have been raised up to a form of a state religion and royalty. I support wholeheartedly both education and law enforcement, but not to level of serfs serving lords.

Think about what I said " Home schooled children taught by at home moms are academically as advanced as children taught by supposed great teachers that we have to eventually pay pensions to."

It’s a money issue not a social issue or some may accuse me of anti-social sentiments. Not to address the pension and tax costs of the runaway public sector cost (teachers, public worker, and law enforcement) is anti social and fascist and will lead to huge social upheavals in the future. Cities of Flint and Detroit are windows into the future for Michigan. Remember the State of Michigan can not print money.

Our only hope is being bailed out by the quantitative monetary system that is now the Federal reserve. I support a federal bail out because the printing press is a gold mine.

Which results in hyperinflation than taxation of the wealthy is the secondary goldmine. Or, how about we make hard financial decisions now, before its to too late.

But people will say "we need to support teachers and law enforcement." " When is the next homecoming game and we need astroturf at the high school football field." I’m sure a ancient Roman like me said

"ludos primus" "non est momenti reparatione viarum" "quam tristis"

translation {First games} {It is not important for repair of roads} {How sad}

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