Snake oil

The City of Kingsford has the highest taxes in the County and almost 3 fold higher than Breitung township because Breitung township has no pensions. This June the Public Safety and Public works labor contracts are up again. Kingsford City Council who is comprised of Mayor Joe Groeneveld a retired city employee collecting a pension from the tax payers of Kingsford , Councilman Mic Flaminio a retired city employee collecting a pension from the tax payers of Kingsford and presently DARE officer who opposed random drug testing of Kingsford Public Safety. Councilperson Cindy Dixon MILLER who will collect a taxpayer guaranteed pension from the post office. Councilman Dennis Baldinelli who receives money from a union and Councilman Tony Erickson owner of Scotties Muffler who works on Kingsford public safety vehicles. Profiting from tax payers is a conflict of interest when other certified shops in and around Kingsford can do the same work. These upstanding individuals who have fleeced millions of dollars from the residents of Kingsford for their union buddies have only one thing to decide between now and June and that is how much more they are going to take from the people. Kingsford tax payers, be ready for Kingsford City Council to peddle there snake oil collective bargaining labor contracts as a good deal. As a former councilman, I say emphatically you are nothing but serfs to them. If you don’t believe me call Breitung Township and ask them how much LOWER your taxes would be if you lived there. Brian K Smeester

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