Know your rights

Know your Rights The law books at the Dickinson County Library are essential if you cannot afford an attorney or to have a better understanding of the law for a legal strategy to discuss with your attorney, or to know if your attorney is not doing their job. This is the “well of knowledge” you need to drink from. When you walk into the library, think about punching a hypothetical time clock. You’re paying yourself big money by understanding the law. The Court system in Dickinson County only wants two things from you. ONE is your money. TWO is your body--which amounts to money again. Dickinson County is the county of “quid pro quo.” The county employee pension funds are underfunded and the Judge, Prosecutor ➀, Staff and Police Officers need your money. It’s not about justice to them. It’s about their lifestyle and their pensions. Granted, they do keep bad people off the street, but in the last 20 years, it has been all about revenue to the general fund and not justice. Greed is not the aggravating factor in the dysfunction that afflicts the Dickinson County Justice System. Its people are living too long. The pensioners are not dying fast enough. Which results in increased unfunded pension liabilities. I cannot stress enough that Dickinson County Court and Law Enforcement are desperate for money. Throwing people in jail and taking their money means nothing to them. It’s to the level, in my opinion, of legal sociopath behavior. They don’t CARE who they prosecute, fine, or incarcerate. In the end it’s about funding the pensions. A study was conducted by Dickinson County News that showed a huge disparage between Upper Peninsula Counties and Dickinson County, when it comes to fines and jail populations per capita to population. Being a former councilman, I had come to the same conclusions about the unfunded pension obligations and policies set by union controlled Councils and Commissioners in Dickinson County. It is about money for the pensions. Stand up for your rights. Know the law. Trust no one. If you’re divorced or looking at criminal charges, read the law. A fathers rights group showed me how to understand the law over 20 years ago. When I cited law to my attorney, you should have seen the look on his face. I fired him, filed my own order to show cause, and hired another attorney for the day to argue for me in court and I prevailed! You always have the jury to hopefully find relief. A couple of hours at the library reading the law could change your life for ever. It did for me. Brian K Smeester CVC of Dickinson County ➀ The Judge and Prosecutor are payed by the State. They have to pay their staff out of the county budget. Revenue from fines affects their rulings.

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