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CVC of Dickinson County Lori A Bourbonais Sept 26, 2016 Bureau of Elections Richard H Austin Building 1st Floor 430 W. Allegan Lansing Michigan 48918 Ms. Bourbonais, On November 9, 2016, CVC (Citizens Voice Committee) of Dickinson County shall become “the press” under the 1st Amendment of the Constitution. Since there is no licensing of the press I declare CVC is the press. Before CVC of Dickinson County was formed, I independently put letters in the paper and even went on the radio as a citizen opposed to a ballot issue. In April of 2016, CVC was put together by two patriotic Americans, Benny Webber and Brian Smeester, to inform the public about corruption, legal or otherwise, in local government. Since its inception, CVC has reported on non-ballot issues that are important to the public, like pensions and pay roll of local government employees, tax law, and municipal contracts. I have written letters to the editor after elections, defining what happened. Presently, CVC of Dickinson County is a Political Action Committee. CVC has been under the definition of the “press” in the First Amendment of the Constitution. As a citizen, I made a complaint to the Prosecutor of Dickinson County of conflict of interest violations of a local councilman which resulted in a warning letter being issued. I then posted all the documentation on the CVC of Dickinson County web page.➀ CVC of Dickinson County wants to be known as the opposing voice to local “quid pro quo.” For example, Kingsford City Council has 5 seats. 2 of these seats are retired Kingsford City Public Safety Officers, receiving a combined pension of over $100,000.00. Two other council members are receiving or will receive pensions from other employment. The 5th council member is the one that received the warning letter for conflict of interest. For working on Kingsford Public Safety police cars at his shop and being paid with city money’s for his services. Documents can be found on ➀ Presently, Dickinson County has a sitting Judge and Sheriff who are brothers. This Sheriff is now a candidate for the 108th State house seat. Nepotism is rampant. Iron Mountain and Kingsford cities still use the Civil Service system Being a former Councilman and using FOIA laws, I showed how the sheriff and the local government officials circumstantially employ “quid pro quo.” That they have manipulated public opinion to scare or confuse the voters into giving more money in taxes. I was harassed at my house by the Michigan State Police the night a “Letter to the Editor” that said I wrote it was in the local news paper making the Local State Police Post Commander not look so good. I could go on and on about how bad LEGAL corruption is in Dickinson County. I claim to be part of the forth pillar of checks and balances in our constitution. The traditional three being Legislative, Executive and Judicial. The fourth being the “Freedom of the Press” to work independently to protect the existence of a free and independent source of information as a check on government. The Harvard Law Review ➁ tries to define what the “Press Exemption” is. Also Harvard Law Review ➂ “Working Together for an Independent Expenditure:” looks for a skeleton in the Jellyfish Campaign finance laws on the State and Federal level. I found Harvard Law Review excellent reading. I thank them for helping me to better understand a very convoluted issue. Election or not, CVC of Dickinson County will report, to the public, information that will affect them. We are the press. When defining “The Press,” is the Michigan State Bureau of Elections a creature of statute or a creature of constitutional interpretation? Will your interpretation of the first amendment be the Dred Scott v. Sandford of free speech and the freedom of the press, letting local special interests silence me? Will you use terms that what I am doing is electioneering? As soon as CVC was registered as a PAC, people stopped talking to me on local blogs and the Newspaper shunned me. I say that the Michigan State Bureau of Elections is a weapon used by special interests to silence peaceful decent. The press uses electioneering everyday. The press takes money from special interests all the time--its called advertising. I look forward to and invite your input on this issue. When I enlisted in the Marine Corps, back in 1984, I swore to “Protect the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic.” Not protect the courts interpretation of the Constitution. With that said, I will abide by all laws and respect due process, hence why I am writing this letter. My love of this country is real. For example, I went to Iraq in 2005, as Army contractor, to help with the war effort. I was a truck driver and went outside the wire and spent a lot of time on the FOB’s. The corruption and stealing by individuals that would be considered “outstanding” both in and out of uniform, was appalling. It was organized theft. I see the similar organized corruption in Michigan. I want to expose the flaws and inform the public on how to and whom to vote for. To be recognized as the press vs a PAC, I can consider donations as advertising. If considering in-kind donations as community improvements, I will. If considering expenditures as overhead, I will. Citizens Voice Committee of Dickinson County will have the interest of those who have no voice because of special interest groups, and be a free and independent source of information as a check on government. Sincerely, Brian K Smeester CVC of Dickinson County Home 906-774-9711 380 Cass Ave Kingsford MI 49802 briansmeester@yahoo.com

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