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Legal wrangling

Letter to the Daily News earlier this year

Editor I would like to respond to not lies but half truths from Pete Schlitt and Sheriff and candidate Scott Celello about the 911 TAX that they scared the public into voting for. Under the Freedom of Information ACT I received documentation from the Public Service Commission that the Dickinson county sued that sheds a different light on what 911 is and what the Legislature intended it to be. It was never intended to be for pensions or shortfall in the general fund. I will quote from the Daily News 4 of March 2016 Renewal of 911 millage article “it took five years of legal wrangling” Pete Schlitt said This is what legal wrangling got us look it up.

(Act 32 of 1986 THIS ACT IS REPEALED BY ACT 260 OF 2012 EFFECTIVE DECEMBER 31, 2021) Is what our tax dollars(legal fees) bot the people of Dickinson a way to scare you into giving more tax dollars and phone sure charge dollars for services that you already paid for. In 1965 or today when you need emergency services the only difference is they know where you are calling from. It is a CHEAP technology today. If this is what candidate Celello political platform is going to be about then get ready to have him “wrangle” more money out of your wallet. Brian Smeester Kingsford Mi

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