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Conflict of interest in the 108th

The State of Michigan can NOT print money. This November the people of Dickinson, Delta and Menominee Counties will have to decide who will represent them in Lansing. The voter needs to know some cold hard facts. The unfunded pension liability in Michigan is about $26.7 billion for the teacher system, $5.8 billion for the state employees system, and $5.4 billion for local governments. So $37.9 billion total with a Michigan population of 9.91 million. That means $3,824 per person. Again “the State of Michigan can NOT print money”. Candidate for the 108th House of Representatives Scott Celello will be receiving a state funded or taxpayer funded pension, so the voter needs ask themself: Why would we want to send someone to Lansing to fix the problem when they are the problem? Brian K Smeester CVC of Dickinson County

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