Leopard doesn't change its spots

Leopards don’t change their spots. Let me explain. From the Aug 15, Kingsford City Council Meeting, reported by The Iron mountain Daily News “ - Authorized, with council member Tony Erickson opposed, releasing a copy of the packet council members receive before each meeting to media organizations, excluding sensitive or confidential information. Erickson said he was worried about the information being available to the public before council members had time to review the packet.” Under the OPEN MEETINGS ACT 267 of 1976 The public that means any body has the same access to information that a Council member has. Except MCL 15.267 and 15.268 “Closed sessions” then that is for a negotiations legal maters etc. That has to told to the public before going into Closed session. Being a former Kingsford Councilman, I see that the spinning of the law and fill in the blank City Charter is still going on. The Leopard has not changed its spots. Thank You Brian K Smeester Tax Payer of Kingsford

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